Steps to the perfect event: #1 The purpose of the event

Vintage Library Card Wedding Save The Date DIY Set (printable) by Hermias Wishes

Vintage Library Card Save The Date DIY Set (printable) by Hermias Wishes

It seems pretty common sense to think of the purpose of the event….your going to celebrate your daughters 1st birthday party right? Or your wedding, baby shower, husbands 50th…the list is endless. But by sitting down, putting pen to paper and answering a few extra questions will certainly help you with your future planning and execution of a seamless event….and if you are choosing to use a, event planner or stylist, the below will give you a head start for your briefing.

So lets look at the top questions you might ask, when you look at the purpose of the event…

Why are you having the event? A wedding, birthday, baby shower, you get the picture…

Who is it for? Son, Charlie,

Why? Celebrate 1st birthday

When will it be? Set the date, give yourself a minimum of 2 months absolute minimum planning time (if you are hosting the party at home or already have your venue booked), 4-6months is even better for a party. If planning a wedding, I would suggest a minimum of 12 months as venues can be very heavily booked, particularly during peak season. Keep in mind the less time you have to plan your event, the more limited you are with suppliers.

What sort of event will it be? Catered cocktail party, Sit down dinner?, Luncheon? Morning tea, Afternoon tea, High tea? Childrens menu or Adults menu? 3 course or buffet?

Who will come? A guest list should be one of the very first things you look at. This will help you determine how many invites you’ll need, venue, whether the event is a stand up or sit down affair, catering style and quantity and the budget. You could even break this list down into definite and maybes…(no one has to see your list except you and your stylist).

Where? Where is your ideal venue? Home? Local park? Or if you have a few venues on your wish list, especially for a wedding…list these. Venues operate on seasonal calendars, this means during certain times of they year, they can be booked up two years in advance, so having a couple of options is ideal.
Don’t forget to have a wet weather option if you plan on having an outdoor event.

How? How are you going to achieve this event? Will you call in an event organiser, stylist or party planner to help you? (if you have the budget, these people are worth their weight in gold giving you access to suppliers, ideas and decor you never dreamed of – they also have bargaining power, so at the end of the day – you are probably going to get more value for money…) Or will you tackle the project on your own? Or perhaps with the help of some family/friends?

Okay, so these questions seem quite obvious. But once you have the specific purpose written in front of you, this will certainly paint a clearer picture of what can be achieved and above all will help you with your task list, budget and overall planning and execution of your event.

In our next step we will look at the option of hiring an event planner or stylist, the pros and find out that they probably are more value for money than you expect.

Get the look event decor: The Queens Royal Tea Party

As the queen celebrates her 60th jubilee, I realise that the Queen has to be the woman in receipt of the most flower arrangements in our time. Its a little bit exciting to share, that my Mum too gave the Queen a posy of flowers when she was a little girl. The certificate of merit sits on my shelf and the memory of my Mum telling me the tale: After presenting the posy, she curtsied and carefully stepped backward, still facing the queen as is custom, the Queen whispered to her ‘Don’t trip dear’.

So this weeks ‘Get the Look’ is inspired by Her Royal Highness Queen of Britain as we style a tea party pretty and pompous enough to set for a Queen!

Royal Albert Tea Set Lady Carlyle Pattern 1944 from Cynthias Attic

Antique Handmade Table Runner, Embroidery&Lace from Cozy Mom Decoration

Vintage 3 Tier Cake Stand RC Japan Noritake Light Blue with pink Roses High Tea

Vintage 3 Tier Cake Stand RC Japan Noritake Light Blue with pink Roses High Tea by MyEroom

White Linen Monogrammed Cocktail Napkin-E

White Linen Monogrammed Cocktail Napkin-E by Katie Claire Memorable Monogram

Digital PRINTABLE Royal Jubilee British Olympics Party Cupcake cake Toppers decorations union jack

Digital PRINTABLE Royal Jubilee Cupcake Toppers

Top Wedding Trends of 2013 – Mint

We have recently had a lot of custom requests for mint flavoured paperware…including garlands, notelets and tags…and why not? According to, the colour green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility: perfect ingredients for a wedding or baby shower.
As such, we recently made and listed in store our mint ombre sweetheart garland and it took off like a rocket, with a treasury within 12 hours on etsy and then this lovely inclusion on the 3D-Memoirs oh so sexy blog…

Look to 3D Memoirs as a source of inspiration and ideas related to beautiful and creative event decor for a variety of events, especially DIY events…and for lots of event styling eye candy…

Welcome to the house of red elephant creative

Welcome banner by BHB Kidstyle, available on etsy.

Well! Its been a few weeks in fast tracked education about the world wide web. Whilst I am pretty technically minded, particularly marketing wise  (my other ‘job’ is to web wrangle for a leading events journal), the growth in my business and the profile of ‘red elephant creative’ the message was clear — that I had to get serious about my blog…about a website for red elephant creative.

So, after some investigation, it was clear wordpress could take me there…..and here I will stay….for a bit…..I hope 🙂 and here I go on yet another learning curve to build a new house on the www, for red elephant creative.

Welcome, and enjoy….as we are inspired by the big gigs, and by the creativity of a world made and designed by hand and a range of fabulous minds…and as we draw from our imagination more fabulous creations for you to enjoy.