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{Client Feature Event} Fletchers Splash Pool Party

Splash Collage

I’ve been busting to share the photos from this gorgeous party for such a long time. Last year the gorgeous Gillian from Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design came to me armed with a brief and a few inspirational pics to develop an invitation for her sons ‘Splash’ 3rd Birthday Party. 

And so, with the element of ‘Bubbles’ in mind, together we developed to creative Fletchers invitation, party bags, welcome sign and backdrop and cookie art. Embedded within the design was my love for retro inspired typography. The colours were reflective of the ocean with a little bit of sunshine for good measure.

Gillian went to work on the gorgeous cake with Fletcher sliding into his pool. The the styling of the whole event was reflective of Gillians clean and modern approach, I love that she incorporated the folded towels into the beverage stand, bringing together the reflection of a true pool side party! The drink dispenser was simply green cordial, giving a boost of colour to the layout. Gillian made the cookies with edible transfers – a clever way of incorporating the creative onto the table.

Bubble garlands and bubble spoons (by our decor brand Red Elephant Creative) decorated the beverage station and buffet. The favour bags were also a part of the bespoke package by Penny Lane Studio.

Styling and Cakes by Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design

Photography is by the gorgeous Melinda from Musie J Photography.

For the printable artwork for this party, visit the Penny Lane Studio etsy store 

For party supplies including bubble garlands and bubble spoons visit the red elephant creative etsy store


splash collage 2
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Penny Lane Studio, a new place and a new face for Red Elephant Creative

Its been quite a journey that has been taken for me to reach the point that I write this blog post. A tale of true friendship and insomnia dreamt ideas and creations which has allowed me the opportunity to reach this point, a turning point in the blossoming tale of Penny Lane Studio.

Penny Lane is evolving as a place of beautiful celebrations and I am so excited to be updating you about the journey today.

What is Penny Lane Studio?…
The name Penny Lane is the brain child of a very special girlfriend and I. With her encouragement, is is the new place in which I will be evolving my ranges and designs. The name is reflective of my love for vintage, which undoubtedly influences my work and whilst I will still keep my original designs of paper garlands, printed spoons and tags under the red elephant creative name, they will eventually be made available on the Penny Lane site along with a range of other new and exciting pieces when we open our very own online store next year.

The Blog…
The initiation of this website will allow me (as promised to many of you) to start blogging a range of creative tutorials, inspiring parties and continue the event stylist interviews which I started on my other website For those who have been following us for a while, you may noticed I have also copied over the previous blog posts to our new home, just so we can ensure everyone has access to what we have to share, including the new followers of Penny Lane Studio.

The Products…
When we open our new store next year, we will be bringing to you a silver platter of Printables, handcrafted event decor and stationery, beautiful (and unique) supplies, red elephant creative products and more. Like a good wine takes time to age, bringing all of these pieces to one place will take a little while and so, we are really excited to have you join us from the beginning, as we evolve the website and build our dream as a one stop shop for beautifully handcrafted events.

In the meantime…
We are open for business!! Like our Facebook page to get the absolute latest news Facebook page. I am a very lucky girl. Penny Lane has actually had orders for quite some time now and so, I am already working with amazing creatives and helping them bring to life their vision with our bespoke designs for a range of weddings, birthday and christening celebrations. Contact us via our Facebook page or email us studio{@} so see how we can bring YOUR vision to life!

Thank you for stopping by, we look forward to sharing lots of new and beautiful ideas with you really soon!

Nicole xo

Vibrant Spring colours bouncing from our studio table

This seasons spring colours are warm, vibrant and we are loving it. This week has been the week for HOT PINK, with requests for custom made garlands, tags, spoons and notelets. Other colours high on the hit list are tangerine, yellow and navy.

Don’t forget, if you don’t see your event colour palette in our online store, we just LOVE working on unique bespoke designs to make beautiful your special event!

DIY Friday: Make a paper fan

Paper fans are so versatile. They can be used layered or tiled for backdrops, to dress the front of your table, or adhered to a stick as a centrepiece, even hung from the ceiling on fishing wire. So when we spied this amazing paper fan backdrop we asked clever stylist Vanessa Morris from Little Pear Events to show us how to make this versatile decor element. What you need: 2 x Cardboard (needs to be rectangle) A glue gun or glue Disk for the middle

  1. Start by folding a cardboard sheet in half (from the short end), fold again and then again (this means when you move onto the next step each fold is even)
  2. Fold out again and then fold in a concertina (folding forwards and backwards onto itself)
  3. Repeat with the other sheet of cardboard
  4. Now is the time to get your disk ready, in this one i just cut out a heart and glued it onto a doily then onto some thicker card stock
  5. Back to the concertinaed cardboard, use your glue gun to clue down one of the edges then quickly attach the other to this so it from a semi circle
  6. Repeat with the other side and glue so you have a complete circle
  7. Now glue the disk to the middle of your fan (be sure to position the disk so the top is aligned with the edge that wasn’t clued, this was will ensure when your fan hangs in doesn’t fold open.

DIY Friday: Jeanees Spiced Blood Orange Fizz

DIY Friday: Jeanees Spiced Blood Orange Fizz

DIY Friday: Jeanees Spiced Blood Orange Fizz

Our gift tags were recently featured on a lovely craft blog I got ‘chatting’ to clever creator Jeanee to find she had quite an amazing portfolio in the craft world, including writing a book ‘Abode à la Mode: 44 Projects for Hip Home Décor’ (Sterling, 2005), starring in the DVD ‘Re-Construct: Eco-Friendly Crafts Made Easy’ (Eyekiss, 2009), and co-designing ‘Honeydoux jewellery’ along with writing the Dining Out column for Atlanta’s Newcomer magazine.

With such an amazing list of achievements (and sharing lots of passions in design and craft with yours truly), I asked if Jeanee would like to contribute to our blog with a DIY Friday….WELL…as it turns out Jeanee also Hosts Project Runway Series parties (I KNOW!! What is there this talented lady doesn’t do??!!) For each party, Jeanee designs a new cocktail….she would be happy to share with us one of her new recipes. WELL INDEED!!!

So it is with the greatest honour and pleasure that we share Jeanees ‘Spiced Blood Orange Fizz’ recipe with you, I will let her tell you ALL about it!

When I have ladyfriends over for TV night, I always serve a special cocktail. I like tall, fruity drinks that work with or without alcohol so that my guests can opt for a “virgin”—after all, these parties are usually on weeknights! This blood orange fizz hits the spot year-round, but the clove flavor is especially nice in chilly months. If you like, multiply the recipe and make it in a pitcher or punchbowl ahead of time, but hold off on the sparkling water until just before serving.

Blood orange juice, fresh squeezed or bottled
Clove syrup (see recipe below)
Dark, sweet cherries preserved in syrup
Sparkling water
Orange peel spiral (see directions below)

Fill a tall glass with ice. Add a shot of gin, then fill 2/3 with blood orange juice. Next add 1 tablespoon of clove syrup, a few cherries, and a drizzle of cherry syrup. Taste and adjust for sweetness. Top off with sparkling water and stir with a straw. Garnish with an orange peel spiral.

Clove Syrup

1 cup filtered water
1 cup turbinado sugar
1/8 teaspoon ground cloves

In a small saucepan, bring the water to a simmer. Add the sugar and cloves, and stir to dissolve. Remove from the heat and let the syrup cool. It will keep in the refrigerator for a few weeks.

Orange Peel Spiral

Use a vegetable peeler to make a long strip of orange peel, being careful not to include any white pith. I find it easiest to make a fat strip, then cut it in half lengthwise. Hold one end of a strip against a skewer, spiral the peel around, and hold both ends for 10 seconds.

For more creative inspiration, fabulous DIY projects, recipes, spotlights on fabulous design and a lovely inside to other crafters homes, visit:

Client Party Feature: Sing me a Rainbow by One Magic Day

Sing me a Rainbow Party by Nicole, 'One Magic Day'

Sing me a Rainbow Party by Nicole, ‘One Magic Day’, with musical note garland and paper clouds by red elephant creative

Recently I was contacted by the lovely Nicole about her daughters Birthday with a bespoke request….’Can you make me a rainbow garland with musical notes?’ Indeed I love a challenge and as the creative process unfolded, I found out the garland was for her daughters ‘Sing me a Rainbow’ Birthday Party, which was also to surround the launch of Nicole’s new printable business ‘One Magic Day’.

Matisse and her Mum, Nicole

Matisse and her Mum, Nicole at her Sing me a Rainbow 3rd Birthday Party

I love events based on a personal theme, and this was no exception as Nicole has been singing ‘Sing me a Rainbow’ since her daughter was a baby. As always happens when you get two creatives together, the idea grew and Red elephant creative was making not only the garlands, but some paper clouds to compliment the design for the backdrop.

On the table, Nicole featured a rainbow cake by Cake Envy, who also made the cake pops and cookies. Along with ‘rainbow jelly smiles’ and ‘rainbow jelly cups’ and ‘rainbow fairy bread and popcorn’.

The finishing touch to bring together the whole theme was Nicoles ‘sing me a rainbow’ themed printables. With Invitations, food labels, chocolate and water bottle labels, popcorn boxes and sweet little straw flags, Nicole has left no stone unturned with her designs.

Nicole’s new business venture ‘One Magic Day’ Party Printables can be found on Facebook, Other themes include Vintage Tea Party and Dino Roar Party for the boys.

We are very excited to have been a part of this beautiful party and thank Nicole for the opportunity. Congratulations also on your recent feature by Amy Atlas, I am sure this is a good sign of many amazing parties to come from One Magic Day!

For more about One Magic Day including Nicole’s beautiful printable designs go to

When opportunity takes you to a place unknown


This morning a rare moment unfolded where I had the opportunity to go to my favorite dawn yoga class. So I Rugged up and met the misty drizzle of a mountains morning to find the studio….empty and dark – school holidays!
Back in the car I decided not to let the opportunity for some quiet time pass me by and headed to my favorite place to go, sans kids.
If your a fan of our Facebook page, you’ll know that new things are happening for red elephant creative. We are teaming up with one of my most respected creatives (and longest friends), the person who made red elephant happen for me. We have more than just one project in the pipeline, and whilst this opportunity is leaving me with less than a winks sleep, I couldn’t be happier.
I am being challenged creatively, and this makes me happy, it grounds me in the oddest ways. Just like this morning, whilst we have plans on paper now, I am really not sure where all these ideas will take us in 12 months, 2, 5 or 10 years time…but I do know in my heart it will be a place that dreams are made of…that’s what you get when you team two very determined strong minded creatives with the utmost respect for each other, balanced perfectly in skill and temperament (she doesn’t have half the potty mouth I do)!
But wait! This doesn’t mean curtains at all for red elephant creative, instead it means bigger and better opportunities for our products and more importantly our customers, say tuned people…your gonna LOVE it!!

Reptile Rumpus Party by The Sweet Society

Reptile Rumpus Party by The Sweet Society

Once you jump on board that train to the party industry, you soon become a fan of the Amy Atlas website and the amazing parties they feature from all over the globe. It becomes a dream to be a part of those amazing creative talents and one day…see your work featured amongst them.

Well its happened to us! AND its no surprise that the vehicle to take us there is the ever so talented (and classy) Melissa from The Sweet Society. We LOVE every detail that Melissa has included in her Reptile Rumpus party, from the Lizard cake pops, to the craw lie straws, terrarium, gold fish jars, crocs eggs and fabulous printables…to be inspired by this unique theme, check out the feature here:

A very special thank you to Melissa for including such a great shot of our garland and of course the girls at Amy Atlas for including it!! 🙂

oh, and if you didn’t notice…we LOVE working with creatives on unique designs for you theme, so contact us redelephantcreative(a) if you have a theme you would like us to work with you.

Gecko Garland by red elephant creative

Top Wedding Trends of 2013 – Mint

We have recently had a lot of custom requests for mint flavoured paperware…including garlands, notelets and tags…and why not? According to, the colour green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility: perfect ingredients for a wedding or baby shower.
As such, we recently made and listed in store our mint ombre sweetheart garland and it took off like a rocket, with a treasury within 12 hours on etsy and then this lovely inclusion on the 3D-Memoirs oh so sexy blog…

Look to 3D Memoirs as a source of inspiration and ideas related to beautiful and creative event decor for a variety of events, especially DIY events…and for lots of event styling eye candy…

Welcome to the house of red elephant creative

Welcome banner by BHB Kidstyle, available on etsy.

Well! Its been a few weeks in fast tracked education about the world wide web. Whilst I am pretty technically minded, particularly marketing wise  (my other ‘job’ is to web wrangle for a leading events journal), the growth in my business and the profile of ‘red elephant creative’ the message was clear — that I had to get serious about my blog…about a website for red elephant creative.

So, after some investigation, it was clear wordpress could take me there…..and here I will stay….for a bit…..I hope 🙂 and here I go on yet another learning curve to build a new house on the www, for red elephant creative.

Welcome, and enjoy….as we are inspired by the big gigs, and by the creativity of a world made and designed by hand and a range of fabulous minds…and as we draw from our imagination more fabulous creations for you to enjoy.