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Inspired event styling: Layers in White

We are 6 days from my youngest first birthday and lets say I am less than organised. It seems that everyones birthday falls in September and I am blessing my lucky stars that business has been crazy busy. The one thing that I have organised is the Cake. When asked what colour I would like the icing, I asked for white….’Wouldn’t you like anything else?’ asked the baker, ‘the white might be a bit plain.’

Truth be told I will be adding other accents of colour in true red elephant style, but the statement did get me thinking…is white plain? Does a white background, with white feature pieces and white accents get totally washed out with, well, white?

This week I bring to you a new feature to the red elephant creative blog of inspired event styling to, well, inspire… this weeks focus is Layers in white and I am sure you will agree, there is no wash out in this beautiful styling, with a balance of contrasting texture combined with natures neutrals, done well white definitely makes the right statement.

photo credits: (from top left) 1. Styling: Merryl Brown Events, photo source: bowtiesandbliss.com 2. Styling: unknown, photo source: harryritchies.com 3. Cake By: The Cakegirls from Chicago, photo source: australiaentertains.com.au  4. Stylist: Amy Atlas, photo source: amorelashes.blogspot.com  5. Styling: Sunday Suppers, photo source: sunday-suppers.com 6. Styling: unknown, photo source: myweddecorations.blogspot.com

Meet the event stylist: Lilian Oliver from Lily Chic Events

LOVE this ‘Breakfast in Bed’ themed photoshoot for e-magazine My Little Jedi.

LOVE this ‘Breakfast in Bed’ themed photoshoot for e-magazine My Little Jedi.

Stunning red and white baby shower

When I saw Lily Chic Events portfolio the first phrase that came to mind was Beautiful, Chic yet Diverse! Lilian from Lily Chic has a knack for making each theme Unique adding different elements and textures to their settings, yet maintain a beautiful presence throughout each event. When you see how Lilian responded to our stylist interview…it all makes sense how she achieves her Unique sense of style….(and then I saw the size of her family…which has left me wondering about her superpowers – are those twins!!??)

Describe your style in five words? Unique, experimental, different, personal and chic!

Lilian (top left) and her very beautiful (and big) family! Makes us wonder how she does it all!

What has been your favourite theme/event to date? I have to say my favourite has now been my nephew’s Hungry Caterpillar Theme! It was so much fun to do!

Where do you look for inspiration (what inspires you)? I find it very hard to be inspired by other stylists as I see so many parties, so I get my inspiration from interior designers, food stylists and the days of old.

Name one of your all time favourite event décor elements? What is that makes this element so fabulous? I would have to say flowers. I always use flowers or elements of greenery in my tables. It just softens it for me.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

What is your number one piece of advice for planning an event? Have fun! Find out lots about the person your planning it for…even down to their favourite linen…you will be surprised how much easier it is to plan an event when you have this information

For more info go to: www.lilychicevents.com.au
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LilyChicEvents

Steps to the perfect event: #1 The purpose of the event

Vintage Library Card Wedding Save The Date DIY Set (printable) by Hermias Wishes

Vintage Library Card Save The Date DIY Set (printable) by Hermias Wishes

It seems pretty common sense to think of the purpose of the event….your going to celebrate your daughters 1st birthday party right? Or your wedding, baby shower, husbands 50th…the list is endless. But by sitting down, putting pen to paper and answering a few extra questions will certainly help you with your future planning and execution of a seamless event….and if you are choosing to use a, event planner or stylist, the below will give you a head start for your briefing.

So lets look at the top questions you might ask, when you look at the purpose of the event…

Why are you having the event? A wedding, birthday, baby shower, you get the picture…

Who is it for? Son, Charlie,

Why? Celebrate 1st birthday

When will it be? Set the date, give yourself a minimum of 2 months absolute minimum planning time (if you are hosting the party at home or already have your venue booked), 4-6months is even better for a party. If planning a wedding, I would suggest a minimum of 12 months as venues can be very heavily booked, particularly during peak season. Keep in mind the less time you have to plan your event, the more limited you are with suppliers.

What sort of event will it be? Catered cocktail party, Sit down dinner?, Luncheon? Morning tea, Afternoon tea, High tea? Childrens menu or Adults menu? 3 course or buffet?

Who will come? A guest list should be one of the very first things you look at. This will help you determine how many invites you’ll need, venue, whether the event is a stand up or sit down affair, catering style and quantity and the budget. You could even break this list down into definite and maybes…(no one has to see your list except you and your stylist).

Where? Where is your ideal venue? Home? Local park? Or if you have a few venues on your wish list, especially for a wedding…list these. Venues operate on seasonal calendars, this means during certain times of they year, they can be booked up two years in advance, so having a couple of options is ideal.
Don’t forget to have a wet weather option if you plan on having an outdoor event.

How? How are you going to achieve this event? Will you call in an event organiser, stylist or party planner to help you? (if you have the budget, these people are worth their weight in gold giving you access to suppliers, ideas and decor you never dreamed of – they also have bargaining power, so at the end of the day – you are probably going to get more value for money…) Or will you tackle the project on your own? Or perhaps with the help of some family/friends?

Okay, so these questions seem quite obvious. But once you have the specific purpose written in front of you, this will certainly paint a clearer picture of what can be achieved and above all will help you with your task list, budget and overall planning and execution of your event.

In our next step we will look at the option of hiring an event planner or stylist, the pros and find out that they probably are more value for money than you expect.