Cagla + Matthews Wedding – Glen Davis Boutique Hotel

Styling & Decor: Penny Lane Studio

Photography: Fiona and Bobby

Floral Design: Floral Ink Blue Mountains

Venue: Glen Davis Boutique Hotel

Stationery: Penny Lane Studio


Fiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-5-6270furniture hire events weddings blue mountains penny lane studioFiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-6-0265Glen davis boutique hotel wedding Fiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-14-0496Fiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-27-0520Fiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-15-6484wedding stylist Fiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-18-4526Fiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-33-6668Brass candlesticks wedding and event hire penny lane studioFiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-23-6518Fiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-16-6502Fiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-19-4531Fiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-17-0556Fiona+BobbyPhotography_PennyLaneStudios-32-0682

Yolanda + Andrews Wedding – Wolgan Valley Resort



Styling & Event Design: Penny Lane Studio

Photography Credit: GM Photographics

Floral Design: Floral Ink Blue Mountains

Venue: Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort

Cake: Faye Cahill

Gown: Steven Khalil

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Ellie + Eds Wedding – Waldara Farm Oberon



Styling & Event Design: Penny Lane Studio

Photography Credit: Tim Williams Photography

Floral Design: Floral Ink Blue Mountains

Venue: Waldara Farm Oberon

Tim Williams Photography 132

Tim Williams Photography 136

Tim Williams Photography 211Tim Williams Photography 222

Tim Williams Photography 215

Tim Williams Photography 645

Tim Williams Photography 487Tim Williams Photography 441 Tim Williams Photography 409 Tim Williams Photography 413Tim Williams Photography 422
Tim Williams Photography 425Tim Williams Photography 435Tim Williams Photography 427Tim Williams Photography 440 Tim Williams Photography 437Tim Williams Photography 438

Tim Williams Photography 416

Tim Williams Photography 420Tim Williams Photography 576 Tim Williams Photography 565

Tim Williams Photography 658Tim Williams Photography 691

Tim Williams Photography 683


The following final photos taken by Penny Lane Studio

Barn Mr and Mrs Small