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Rewind some 15 years ago, my career was very green in the world of events, and I was off to Fashion Week. This years venue for a high end swim wear label was a huge, dark warehouse. Lighting the way to the stage was a path of paper bag luminaries. A simple idea, yet so effective….and romantic.

Of course you can get some really fancy designs. However you can also keep it simple and make them yourself…They look especially effective placed on stairs, a deck, a garden path or a pier.

You’ll need:

  • Paper bags with a flat bottom
  • Punch – circles and stars work well, although you can experiment with anything.
  • Pillar candles (candles should be in glasses, with the wick below the top of the glass to ensure no fire display at your event. Also ensure they have enough burn life for the period of your event.
  • Sand to fill the bottom of your bags.

Step 1. Fold down the top of your bag, say 1/2 inch, and tear away the top. It doesn’t matter if its jagged, thats the idea.
If your looking for a more fancy approach, use a edge punch (available from scrapbooking stores)

Step 2. Fold the bag into thirds from the top to where the base begins.

Step 3. Unfold and refold the first 1/3 and start punching. You might like to draw some patterns if you would like it neat, or go freehand if your feeling brave.

After completing the pattern on the first third, then repeat with the second third folded. I would recommend having a few extra bags on standby so you can experiment a little.

Step 4. When setting out your bags, place a little pile of sand in the bottom to ensure the base has some weight and your bags don’t re-position themselves, or fly away! The sand also helps give your candles some height, ideally they will be positioned from where your design starts at the bottom.

Step 5. Light your candles at dusk and watch the path come to life.

Get the look event decor: The Queens Royal Tea Party

As the queen celebrates her 60th jubilee, I realise that the Queen has to be the woman in receipt of the most flower arrangements in our time. Its a little bit exciting to share, that my Mum too gave the Queen a posy of flowers when she was a little girl. The certificate of merit sits on my shelf and the memory of my Mum telling me the tale: After presenting the posy, she curtsied and carefully stepped backward, still facing the queen as is custom, the Queen whispered to her ‘Don’t trip dear’.

So this weeks ‘Get the Look’ is inspired by Her Royal Highness Queen of Britain as we style a tea party pretty and pompous enough to set for a Queen!

Royal Albert Tea Set Lady Carlyle Pattern 1944 from Cynthias Attic http://www.etsy.com/shop/cynthiasattic

Antique Handmade Table Runner, Embroidery&Lace from Cozy Mom Decoration http://www.etsy.com/shop/Cozymomdecoration

Vintage 3 Tier Cake Stand RC Japan Noritake Light Blue with pink Roses High Tea

Vintage 3 Tier Cake Stand RC Japan Noritake Light Blue with pink Roses High Tea by MyEroom

White Linen Monogrammed Cocktail Napkin-E

White Linen Monogrammed Cocktail Napkin-E by Katie Claire Memorable Monogram

Digital PRINTABLE Royal Jubilee British Olympics Party Cupcake cake Toppers decorations union jack

Digital PRINTABLE Royal Jubilee Cupcake Toppers

Top Wedding Trends of 2013 – Mint

We have recently had a lot of custom requests for mint flavoured paperware…including garlands, notelets and tags…and why not? According to colourwheelpro.com, the colour green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility: perfect ingredients for a wedding or baby shower.
As such, we recently made and listed in store our mint ombre sweetheart garland and it took off like a rocket, with a treasury within 12 hours on etsy and then this lovely inclusion on the 3D-Memoirs oh so sexy blog…

Look to 3D Memoirs as a source of inspiration and ideas related to beautiful and creative event decor for a variety of events, especially DIY events…and for lots of event styling eye candy…